Our Services

From responsive web site design to web applications and hosting, we have it covered

Responsive Design

If your old web site was made specifically for desktop screens, it probably won't work well on iPads, tablets or smartphones. If a client using a mobile device visits your site and it doesn't work for them, they will go elsewhere. If your competitors' sites are responsive and yours isn't, you could easily lose a client.

Our "mobile first" approach ensures that your web site looks great on a wide range of devices and adapts to the available screen area of the visitor's browser.

Through investing in a responsive web site, you show your clients that you are serious about providing the best experience for them regardless of how they view your site. People like dealing with businesses that are serious about their clients.

Web Applications

We create easy to use web applications such as online catalogues, showrooms and content management systems that put you in control of your web site.

There are many popular content management systems out there that enable you to update your site such as Joomla, Mambo and Wordpress, but our speciality is a different approach. We create custom administration areas suitable for the complete novice so you can update the parts of the site you need to with no fear of breaking anything.

It's a popular approach for a client who wants to be able to upload photos and type in details of their products, services and testimonials and doesn't want to worry about page layouts and designs.

Hosting and Support

We trialled a number of hosting companies before discovering and building an excellent longstanding working relationship with our current hosting provider.

We have administrative control over all our servers. This means we can fine tune and optimise them for the services and applications we provide.

As your web site availability depends on reliable hosting, we will arrange and manage your hosting as part of your web site package. The exception to this is businesses in countries where it may be more appropriate to use a local provider.

Support is available in office hours. Servers are monitored 24/7 with any outage being flagged to support for investigation and fix.